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F3 Marine Foods Introduction

The Best In Seafood Export

F3 Marine was established in the year 2018 with an idea to enhance the utilization of local fish landings for domestic and international markets. Our primary target was to help and elevate the living conditions of local fisherman communities through generating employment apart from earning foreign exchange. We therefore built a full-fledged and vast processing facilities for bulk production without compromising quality. A well-equipped in-house laboratory facilitates safety and wholesomeness of all the products being produced.

The management and our core team believe in a long term business relationship with our clients for which consistency in meeting their requirements in terms of quantity, quality, price and service are our utmost priority.

Our Products

Bringing To You Our Highest Quality Products

F3 Marine Foods Indian Mackerel

Indian Mackerel

F3 Marine Foods Indian Squids

Indian Squids

F3 Marine Foods Indian Cuttlefish

Cuttle Fish

F3 Marine Foods Indian Ribbon Fish

Ribbon Fish

F3 Marine Foods Indian Reef Cod

Reef Cod

F3 Marine Foods Indian Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

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